TriTech Music Metal Tour is on!!

The first batch of dates for the TriTech Music Metal Tour is finally set.

The line up for this small Norwegian tour is Triosphere, Mindtech and Fatal Impact.

It kicks off on the Rock The Boat cruise, on Ms Stena Saga Oct 31st, and will be finished off during January 2016.

Confirmed dates so far:

Oct 31st             Rock The Boat             M/S Stena Saga       Triosphere/Mindtech/Niterain/Eclipse/Wonderworld etc

Nov 6th             Seb’s Hotell                  Hamar                       Triosphere/Mindtech/Fatal Impact

Nov 13th           Inside Live                    Bergen                       Triosphere/Mindtech/Fatal Impact

Nov 14th           Tribute                          Sandnes                     Triosphere/Mindtech/Fatal Impact



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